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    febris nocturna

    movie still 2018

    © Ungersbäck

    with: Alexandru Cosarca, Bernhard Kölbl, Daniel Schmollgruber-Nirschl, Claudia Ungersbäck

    A still, arrangement of figure in picture, copy and sentence. A view of restlessness, desire and fear

    avarice and guilt. An expression opening space between repetition and resemblance, objectivity and subjectivity

    intermediate invocation, abandonment and devotion while bringing up the issue of spatiality and physical presence.



    movie still 2018

    © Ungersbäck

    test is a film about art, forms, associations. About text, about figural and figurative work.

    About abstraction. About music and photography, about drawing and motion picture. About sculpture,

    about flesh. About impressions, about minimalism. About memorys, lyric eyes and gestures.

    aus lat

    aus lat. copiare

    moviestill 2007

    © Ungersbäck



    animated installation 2006

    diploma in printmaking

    © Ungersbäck

    The question of originality asked in a world of DIY-Reproduction.


    no titel

    book - digitalprint 2004

    © Ungersbäck